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Connect 2 the Breath In Everything

5 Steps of B R E A Z E - Moving Meditation

The 5 steps of B R E A Z E

1. Shake like a hummingbird & awake
2. Flow like a river & follow your pace
3. Stand like a tree & make space
4. Walk like an elephant with grace
5. Dance like a B R E A Z E & celebrate

How can B R E A Z E help you?

There is a supreme calm & joyful intelligence in the life force that can be found in every breath we take - 20.000 times a day. BREAZE, is a five-step moving-meditation-transformational-journey to the heart, honoring our feelings, and transforming the story we tell ourselves about them with the compassion of the breath. BREAZE creatively combines natural movement, dance, restorative breathing and humor, using body and breath to allow you to experience your Being, both in action and stillness. This practice is enjoyed by people of all ages, and can be shared with friends and family to keep you connected to the breath in everyday life. It can help you find relief and heal from emotional trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, loss and grief.

Samuel J. Kirschner has taught 1000s of people worldwide. He lives as he teaches in sacred celebration. Learn how you can implement BREAZE to your life, individually & in groups, off & online. Good for all ages.

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